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18K Gold Pearl Earrings

18K Gold Pearl Earrings

Normaalihinta $13.99 USD
Normaalihinta $16.99 USD Myyntihinta $13.99 USD
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These elegant hoop earrings with real freshwater pearl fit almost any look and are also perfect as a gift for your loved ones. -'♥´-

The thick 18K Gold Plated Pearl Earrings create a visually beautiful, high-quality shine that anyone can wear (especially suitable for allergy sufferers who can only tolerate pure gold).

Avoid contact with liquids, perfume and lotions or chemical cleaning agents.
Do not wear the jewelry while showering or sports. 


- Just contact me within 1 days of delivery.
- Ship items back to me within 2 days of delivery.


1-2 Days Processing Time

♥ If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. ♥

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